ALExander Suvorov
Aleksander Suvorov (RP) edition was born Feb. 12 1898. He joined STEAM on Febuary 13, the day after he got Napoleon Total War. He joined RP in Mid-March 2011. He had positions in Sweeden and Siam before entering Russia. He got a job of Prince in Sweeden, with help for Viktor Makarov who was then known as Gusatvus Adolphus Of Sweeden. Viktor soon ditched Sweeden as did Suvorov. Viktor the became a Prime Minister of Russia and Suvorov became his Deputy. Suvorov providen evidence against Makorov in The Makorov Trials. However the Tsarevich denied the evidence, as he disliked Suvorov. After the Makorov trials he became a Prinz of Siam, he is second to the Throne of Siam. He quit Russia many times, only to be invited back. The Tsar Himself liked Suvorov, And told Viktor to get him back. Suvorov recently changed his name to Konstantin Bellisaru