The British-American Brotherhood (BRAB) is an RP group on Steam which was founded in February 2011 b
British-american flag

The flag of the British-American Brotherhood (BRAB.

y Field Marshal IDi Amin Dada, who was then known as the Second Napoleon. It was purely founded as a casual group with no purpose, and was quite inactive until early-March when its founder met some roleplayers who invited to the group and BRAB slowly grew. By late-April it was over 100-members strong. Because it had been inactive so long the group the group grew slowly

In mid-March the group declared war on the Council of Nations as Idi sought revenge from having been kicked from it. The war wasn't really a war, just a period of hostility and Idi was mostly ignored by the roleplay community. The group notoriously became in-effect a one-man dictatorship but with democracy as Idi used the group to solve personal issues.

In mid-May BRAB was 'nuked' by ATS 3000, a bot run by the Council of Nations. The group profile was erased and the pic changed to one of a nuke and Idi was relieved to know that nothing else was harmed. Soon, the profile was fixed.

Immediately after Idi had heard of the nuking the leader of CoN, Marc, messaged Idi to demand his surrender. Idi refused but agreed to co-operate with Marc in attempting to change a new leaf. However, this also failed and soon Idi saw no choice but to surrender BRAB over to the Council. BRAB was then occupied by CoNSC forces. It still has not been returned, and in furstration Idi made a succesor state, the German-American Brotherhood (GRAB). It got off to a good start gaining 200 members in 5 days. BRAB is currently inactive and has decreased from its previous figure of 423 members to 389 members.