During the begging days of the 2011 summer the tsar apoints Viktor Makorov as Prime Minister. Viktor Makorov helped create the Parliament group for Russia. On June 14th, 2011 Andrew l. Kronprinz von Bayern proposed a bill to Ban IDI from all Russian groups and it passed the day later with the Prime Minister signing the bill and closeing IDI from being in the group the votes where 8 to 0. But as the imperial Family thought IDI was mad and created the Rebblion and wanted to change Russia and put a Democracy in russia but it failed with a 5 day campain it clapased at Moscow after British Troops killing all rebels on sight. After the rebblion was over The Prime Minister Fired the inactive governmnet officals from there jobs and started re-hiring people and trying to make an active Government. After the perid of a Month the Government became more active and helped create the modern

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