The Kingdom of Bavaria is run by the Royal Family of Wittelsbachs:

King: Liam MacGreedy

Queen: Charlotte von Whore of Prussia

Crown Prince: Andrew Hitler of Bavaria

Uncle to the King: Luitpold of Bavaria

Brother to the King: Otto of Bavaria

Advisor to the King: Archduke Karl of Austria

The King, Ludwig II, married a Whore of the Pariah group of .:The Prussian Empire:. in November of 2010. This marriage led to the lasting war between the House of Wittelsbach and the House of Hohenzollern. Both Bavaria and Prussia fought together from that time, to kill each other. The Crown Prince of Bavaria is the last surviving illegitimate child of the King, Ludwig II, whom he had with his maid. Unfortunately, all of Ludwig's children died from either birth, or from sickness. Only the youngest of the four, the bastard Andrew, survived.

Any plans for future marriages for the Royal Family is classified at this time.

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