Cecil Rhodes BiographyEdit

Cecil Rhodes was born in South Africa,Cape Town by British Parents in 5 July 1853.He enroled the Army in 1872 during the First Boer war as a British he attained the Rank of Colonel.He Married Emma Rhodes and made two childs George Rhodes and Anastasia Maria Rhodes.In 1880 he founded the British South Africa Diamond Company,and the British Empire hirred him like Chairmen of the British Colonization Agency.
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Cecil Rhodes Picture with Background

Infos About Cecil RhodesEdit

Cecil Rhodes Chairmen of the British Colonization Agency

Residency:Essex Avenue,London,BE

Ethnicity:Half British Half German


Family:Wife Emma Rhodes

Daughter:Anastasia Maria Rhodes

Son:George Rhodes

Personal Guard:100 Germans

  17:47, July 10, 2013 (UTC)~~Cecil Rhodes,The Right Honourable,Chairmen of the British Colonization Agency


Chairmen of the British Colonization Agency 1880-Incumbent

Minister of British South Africa 1878-Incumbent

Chairmen of the British Nationalist Party

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