This is the capital picture of the Makarov worldwide corporation

The Economy in RP was recently and many nations follow the Economy to help make Tradeing and wars come into play the people who created the Economy took so much time into making it for RP it was offical out June 7th,2011 with taxes and income due at the end of each week nations earn something from the trade dealing and the companys set in RP

Current Money in nations in RP

  • The siamese Empire - 62,123 Universal dollar
  • Old Guards of Napoleon- 20,000 Universal Dollars
  • English Empire - 20,000 Unversal Dollars
  • Kingdom of Bavaria- 56,755 Universal Dollars
  • The Russian Empire - 617K Universal Dollars
  • SPQR- 52,654 Universal Dollars
  • FAA- 108,660 Universal Dollars
  • The Kingdom of Two Sicillies- 22,600 Universal Dollars
  • Hanover- 22,000 Universal Dollars
  • Imperialists United(Bank)=91,000 Imperial Units
  • Venitian Republic = 2,000 Ducats

These are Current Money in the listed Tresury in RP nations Last updated June,24,2011 at 3:02 PM

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