Land of Fruition's earlier group pictures.

The First Fruition War, part of the Fruition Wars, is generally seen as the war that founded the RP community. The war started off as a small despute between the owner of The Land of Fruition, the Emperor of Fruition and one of his Admirals,Warlord Squid.

The Conflict led to an influx of new RPer's and the creation of many new RP groups based around the Total War games, mainly Empire Total War.

Origin of the Conflict

As far as we know the conflict began when the Emperor of Fruition's harsh treatment of his admins which led to one of them, his admiral, Warlord Squid, to break away and create his own group: Reich of the Iron Cross. Land of Fruition was essentially a pioneer in that it created a balance of gaming announcements and RP announcements. Riech of the Iron Cross went out to do the same. The Emperor saw this as a direct insult to his leadership and thus declared war on Warlord Squids newfound group.

World War 1

Note: Land of Fruition controlled the Soviet Unions lands while Reich of the Iron Cross claimed greater Germany. To Fruition's suprise Warlord Squid had successfuly gathered enough support and following to put up a fight against his, at the time, 15,000 large Land of Fruition. Reich of the Iron Cross gained momentum during the war via a series of campaigns which revealed to the members of LoF that the Emperor of Fruition was falsly giving out free games. LoF, in order to grow in numbers, would announce free games givaways to members after they mass invite their friends list's to the group. Many members were either givin phish links (often seen as a hack link) or were simply ignored. Warlord Squid and many of these outraged members banded and formed a massive coalition from which RP grew out of.


The Emperor's lies and deceit led to his loss of admins from LoF and the loss of members. Seeing that he no longer had widespread support and the end of LoF's "golden age" he quickly withrew from the conflict. Land of Fruitoin was then, shortly after, administrativly disabled by Steam Support after finding out that LoF's server list was in fact another groups servers and not Fruition's, or after having gotten the various reports of "hack" links coming from LoF admins.

LoF's fate.