German Confederation is a role-playing group. One of the many out there in the Rp world.

GC as it is known today is a muitl-gameing group that partakes in Rp. We begain when ETW - Empire Total War was released, and would play ingame as Prussia or Austria favoring German Factions within the game, We are based on Total War games mostly starting at ETW, NTW - Naploan: Total War, and the newst in its class Shogun 2: Total War.

Are Motto: "Gott mit uns"-"God with us"

We are Germany!

Hello All,

German Confederation is a Absolute Monarchy on Steam, with many other Rp "role-playing groups" It started out as players from all over the world playing Empire Total War who like to play as Prussia or Austria, And Gradually branch out to any total war game out there. The leader of the Group is Otto von Bismarck, and this is the 3rd time the group has been made in Rp history, with each time growing bigger and bigger as of now we have over 700 members would wide and would hope you will join us, Have Fun and Good Luck in a game. We also have many Allies with other groups who like to play Total War games; those allies as of now include Kingdom of England, Imperial States of America, Kingdom of Bavaria, Grand Power, Empire of Kings, SPQR, and BCN. Since the Total war games out there have always been wars with different groups back in forth that would take place in a MP - Mutil-Player battle in ETW or NTW and now even in Shogun 2. The wars that as of this group have been in since it was for the 3rd time made was with TLR and OGN witch where both Victory's in war: Here we have Our Anthem Deutschland Lied - hope will see you in game GL and HF.

History of the German Confederation