Grand Duke Dimitri in 2011

Grand Duke Dimitri I of Luxembourg was a minor RPer untill october 2011 when he was hacked, and grew out to one of the mayor RPers on his new account in July 2012, and remains a RPer untill today, known under the name of Koning Willem III van Nederland.

Dimitri, as he's called by most veteran RPers like Andrew (Long since retired) and idi, came into RP around the end of the summer of 2011. He was known for leading a small successfull RP community and his group that eventually grew to be successfull against Fruition and idi in one of the Fruition Wars (presumed the second, the war of October 2011). He later was hacked by an unknown person, presumed to be Fruition or one of his admins.

He later rejoined on the exact day when Andrew revived RP with the UFN. Dimitri then joined in a few tiers (in one as his legendary Luxembourg, but then reborn) and continued RP untill recent times.

He has recently started a project to revive some old RP groups and use them to get more members into RP.