Jack Noble is an experienced Garry's Mod roleplayer, notably roleplaying for at an estimated of 5 years. (On and off) Of course nobody knows what Garry's Mod RP is so nobody cares. He was at first the Prime Minster of the Spanish Empire in a dead tier. (Led by Lucius/Marco) He later helped own the Ottoman Empire with Marco.

He is the current Sultan of the largest and Ottoman group on Steam, he is considered in OOC terms to of brought up somewhat national pride in the Turkish RPers.

Ottoman EmpireEdit

Originally he was designated to create the Ottoman Empire group, to be the Crown Prince, due to complications regarding making the group, Marco ended up creating the group and managing most of the Empire's affairs until his resign in September. It went through a rude lapse with Tier 1's Overseer, being treated like his "bitch".

It later joined Tier 2, after a series of inactivity and events, they left, only to be confronted with brief conquesting and the same inactivity, they left was well and ended up inactive, until later revived by both Jack Noble and Mahmud,

After a few discussions with Marco, Mahmud and Jack it was decided that Jack should be the group's Sultan.

November 15th AttacksEdit

On November 15th, 2011, 11:23 AM CST; After Jack had convinced Mahmud to abandon Idi's shitdealogy, Idi made an advance onto the group, At 11:36 AM he was promoted back to an officer by Karl Buslow, demoted both Andrew and Jack from the group, announcing that the group followed Idi's beliefs once again.

At the time, no Officer was online to renew Jack and, or demote Idi, at least thats what Idi thought.

Jack began to speak with his son (iFQ Turk), asking for him to promote him back to Officer, as he was demoted, iFQ proceeded as ordered, almost immediately, Idi and Karl were removed.

As a result of this, all Officers who were inactive/Disloyal were removed, noticing Idi's activeness in Andrew's tier, he asked for a law to be passed against Idi Aminism in Tier 3, suceeding.