(In theory, these are the top 1%; add any you feel are missing im just creating a few off the top of my head that have been around a long time or done important things

-Usual Suspect - helped established the regulatory, advisory and other legislative groups and bodies and associated acts, in addition to commonplace procedures and policies relating to the RP community during the days of CoN. Notoriously known to have successfully implemented strategic tactics and warfare through manipulation of prominent RP members.

Andrew - Inventer of 1898 rp prominent and a valued member of the community for a long time; de facto most powerful member of the community during the days of AWN

-George (england george)- one of the earliest rpers still around created one of the most active groups in RP the KOE

-Napoleon III-leader of the extremely early group Total War: The French Empire; known for leading the most powerful French group in the community during the Total War era, and perenially pissing off the leaders of the British and English groups of the time. A staunch supporter of Fruition he initially was neutral but sided with Fruition as the war dragged on.

-Emperor of Fruition also know as Calone, and Semera ( yes he wasnt technically a rper but still very important)- The most infamous of the rpers himself created hundreds of wars nearly brought about the destruction of the community.

Kaiser Franz Josef-Emperor of the first Austro-Hungarian Steamgroup and key ally to Warlord Squid.

Jean Baptiste Lafitte-Governor of New France and Warlord Squid's second in command. Actually met with Squid in person to draw up plans for Fruition's destruction.

Warlord Squid-Founder and leader of Reich of the Iron Cross, known for being the initial "leader" of the community during a large part of the First Fruition War.

-General Spock- An extremely early RPer; fought alongside Squid against Fruition; later on the leader of the early community during much of the total war era and later conflicts with Fruition. One of the small group of Old Guard who brought down CoN in a fit of spamming attacks done "for the lols" as a farewell to the community; many people have sought his help and he was also one of the main victors against Fruition; founder and leader of old rp group Total War Great Britain.

-General Casey Rogers- Fighter against Fruition and very prominent; possibly the most powerful member of the community during the time between General Spock and Marcus Antonius

Imperator Caesar/YovillianRoyal/Gaius - Founder of TRE & ERE, after given TRE by Andrew from the Germanic Empire; Caesar who once served Marc Antony faithfully was betrayed in the 2011 wars which soon erupted into a Roman Civil war known as the great Roman divide. No clear winner was ever decided, it was however Caesar who used the most bizarre tactics to achieve a form of ultimate victory by reporting the information to the FSU clan that SPQR was attempting to abuse their name and image for dominance. Faced with the threat of war from FSU, the SPQR republic soon surrendered and withered out. TRE would last three more years before succumbing to a treacherous end by a snake in the grass. In that time the great AWN wars also known as the Great Alliance was formed. Eventually AWN as a whole saw TRE as a major threat and began a massive war against the empire, one by one however each nation in AWN soon fell to the might of Rome as Caesar was no fool and had allied with major powerhouses from TNC & FSU clans. Caesar had cleverly calculated his tactics and had recruited elite mercenaries to fight along the wars, crushing the enemies one by one. Eventually AWN fell into ruin by the end of war after it lasted several months and TRE would eventually die of old age and betrayal. Caesar & Marc Antony eventually came to a peace agreement and terms were made by the hand of Marc Antony to discuss a Roman alliance, unknowingly with TLR as Augustus of TLR was brought in to discuss proper deals. All three parties agreed however it later became apparent that TLR was only interested in claiming power and eventually SPQR & TRE both declared war upon TLR for breaking treaties of the Triumvirate and attacking.

-Marcus Antonius-Founder of Council of Nations and SPQR. It was under CoN that the community became hyper-organized (some would say too organized) with over 300 groups united under 1 banner. Also renowned for, at least for a time, finally ending the disputes on which Roman group was the "genuine one" in the community through the establishment of SPQR. Also formed the great Roman Triumvirate with TRE & TLR, until TLR broke the treaty.

-Celticus-Most recent member of the community to hold the de facto title of "most powerful member of the community," is known for his ongoing efforts to bring groups back into the community and have existing groups engage in discourse (wars and interactions) with each other instead of focusing on internal roleplay.

-Augustus-Founder and Leader of the Last Romans; known for creatinga group that has gained and lost the status of most powerful Roman group present repeatedly due to its conflicts against SPQR

-Ludwig 2nd- Old rper still around very prominent creator of bavaria

-Prince Jack - Tsarevich of Velikoy Rossi during it's phases of change, descriptive RPer and longest reigning Crown-Prince in BE history.

-El Presidente- Old rper very prominent trusted advisor to many and helped create CoN to what it is today

- Alpha aka Wilhelm 2nd- Created one of the most successful groups ever- Prussia and very prominent or used to be.

- Maximillian the Second- old rper very prominent created first successful and largest asian group on steam at the time-Siam and being Oldest Asian Rpyer for let people knowing Asia much in RP.

-George the second aka george washington- Founder of economics rp very prominent.

George Bush-on this list for being the leader of the only successful American group in the community at the time; American Union. Ultimately pressured into leaving his group and the community when dozens of other rpers got tired of his shenanigans.

-Smetana- Co founder of CoN created imperialists united and again very prominent

Hermanator- Very prominent early rper, created Deutsches reich.

Gentleman spy- Respected advisor to amny and creator of the liberal party

Snow- The one true Emperor of the world, Steam RP and all the assholes around

Vinther- Originally the leader of TGE (The Great Empire); later on Founder/Leader of Fallentium; known for maintaining the longest lasting active group within the community despite it being an organic group instead of one based off of a particular country like Rome.

Blackthorn- Created and saved fantasy communities, admined several groups inn the genre. Formerly Idi's right-hand man, used to be in a contract with him. Retired in September 2014, came back in August 2015 to a Game of Thrones.

Caleb Nolen - Former Idist, close friend and adviser of Catherine of Spain. Co-Founder and first President of the largest Japan Group on Steam.

Sigismund of Byzantium - Founder of the Byzantine empire who changed the view of middle eastern roleplaying and made the largest Middle Eastern group ever to Exist

Idi of Ethiopia - Declared as one of the most hated rpers due to his mass successful campaigns against the British Empire and the Byzantine empire he is known as the killer of tiers he brought a tough new breed of rpers into the Steam Roleplay community. Idi has challenged the best when it came to battle with a arsenal of tournament generals diplomatic skills many rpers envied him but also loathed his success. He led was the leader of Ethiopia in Victorian rp when Victorian started to fall he went on a free rp spree leading a small German group as well as changing Ethiopia to the Idist empire based on Idi Amin. He ravaged through several rps and killed many of them. Most notably he killed star rp. Napoleonic wars rp. World at war rp. Idi is also known for his conquests of Greece and Portugal in Victorian rp. Idi fought vicously in the Desslock wars and was a proud supporter of the anti desslock rebels however later when the desslocks fell apart he declared his respect for Viktor Desslock whom admitted shared rp power. Idi mostly fought alongside the Firebird and mostly fought against the largest middle eastern group led by sigismund with great success. He also fought the Firebird in the Italian wars and gained Tunisia and Lybia from the Italian rp group. Idi is one of the greatest but yet annoying rpers in history

The Firebird Aka NapoleonGamer, Napoleon, Idist follower - Leader of mostly German nations and head commander of the Idist empire in 2012. Firebird was the most dedicated rper and conquered Portugal and Greece in the name of the Idist empire in 2013 before Victorian RP died. The Firebird was also the advisor of Idi of Ethiopia and led Germany Napoleonic RP. Firebird is most notably known for his invasions of Byzantium and the Ottoman empire In Colonial rp and Victorian rp. As one of the most loyal and important rpers who fought in The war against Desslock in 2013,2014 and 2015he was determined to reunify the ideals of rp. Firebird took a large break at the end of 2014 when in January 2015 he reapeared in Colonial Iron Curtian and World at war. He then set up Pakistan in the successful rp National Security Brink of war and with help from his old friend the Lone Soldier he flourished and rped heavily with his less than known Friends Finno and Crusader. His greatest feat was in Colonial where he led Germany as Frederick Wilhelm II to conquer half of the world. Firebird was semi-active in SPQR but supported Fallentium for a long while with few recognition. The Firebird the only African rper is now retired and although a huge follower of Idi still is one of the more dedicated and bloodthirsty warmongering rpers

Victor Desslock - Formerly known as AwesomeSauce21 and Tenchuko Nagasaki. Victor started out in Steam RP as a no name. He RPed in Victorian RP for months in a China group and eventually leading his own Italy group. He has fought in wars with famous RPers, such as Idi. He quit RP in March 2014 when he became uninterested in it. He reappeared in the RP scene in December 2014 in the Iron Curtain group. He has been an admin of the group ever since, as of July 2015. He is highly regarded as a hard worker and a serious RPer.

Nicholas II(Aka. Kronzprinz Adalbert) - Introduced to steam roleplay in 2010 by Alpha(Wilhelm II) of the Prussian Empire as the first Prinz of that group. After a time in Prussia he left, owning several successful and some unsuccessful groups until returning to the Prussian Empire near the beginning of the time of Kanzler Andrew. After returning he was quickly elevated to Kronprinz and regent in the absence of Alpha and headed the group with Andrew which lead to Prussia's first ever constitution. After many months in Prussia he again left due to political issues and created The Russian Empire as Nicholas II which he headed in the last days of CoN and into the days of AWN where he was overseer of tier 2 for many months. He left the community shortly after AWN fell apart. During his time in RP he pioneered several concepts that roleplayers still use to this day(Such as colonization and maps while serving Prussia) and also founded the first Star Wars roleplay with Kronz and Maximilian, and headed multiple Star Wars roleplay attempts later.

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