The Second Fruition War began sometime between September to October 2010, approximately 8 months after the end of the First Fruition War.   After the fall of the 15,000 member and very active The Land of Fruition the Emperor of Fruition withdrew all his territorial claims and essentially exited "Victorian RP" as it is known today. Without a group the Emperor withdrew to the shadows, serving as an advisor for many up an coming Rpers, unb eknownst to The Council of Nations at the time, the Emperor of Fruition was sowing together a new Empire and establishing influence amongst a new generation.


The Land of Fruition had been administratively disabled, the Emperor of Fruition had gone offline for weeks at a time and the First Alliance, primarily consisting of Reich of the Iron Cross (Squid), Total War Great Britain (Spock) and NATCA (Casey) among others, had disbanded. During the summer following the collapse of the Fruitionist movement Steam RP enjoyed an age of prosperity. Many more Total War clans were converting to Roleplay groups and most followed the Land of Fruitions administrative architecture. Many groups were isolated and mostly RP'd within their own ranks, old allianes during the first war had gone silent. Fruition had founded the very first demarcation system where certain clans were assinged nations on a map, the nations would then battle out differences on any chosen TW game. This system was largley forgotten until a new group, the Council of Nations., was formed by various members of the community, namely Marc Antony and Smetana. The Council of Nations began bringing together the community of isolated RPers under one roof, it's motto at the time was unification of the community and prevention of any Fruitionist tendencies, primarily bullying, spamming, hacking, phishing, or any sort of illegitimate form of control which was still heavily used by RPers during this time. It was during CoN's early weeks that the c


ommunity discovered Calone andSemera. Calone was a 9,000 member strong Fantasy RP group continuing the same format that the Land of Fruition had and it's owner was the Emperor of Fruition. Semera was another Fruitionist group, 4,000 member strong nd owned by Juisse of Cardellone, a Fruitionist that played a minor role during the first war. After exstensive research it was revealed that many phishing attempts sent to CoN administration that were seen as random events were in fact coming from Calone. The Emperor of Fruition had built a new empire, reformed his alliance with Emperor Napoleon II, one of the most powerful RPers at the time + a known Fruitionist, and regrouped his former generals/alliances. When the Emperor's subversions/disruption attempts were revealed to the public the stage was set for Steam RP's second world war.

World War 2Edit