"Deo Vindice - Under God, Our Vindicator" Edit

The Confederate States of America is a Confederal Republic under the President, The Senate, and the Supreme Court. 

General Information

Population: 9,883,983 
Current Year: 1864 
Capital: Richmond, Virginia 
National Currency: Confederate Dollar 
National Religion(s): Christianity 
National Language(s): English 
National Anthem: Dixie's Land 
Motto: Deo Vindice (God Vindicates)  Members at shutdown: 1,079 Founded: April 18, 2013


The Confederacy was the third and largest Role Play group based on The historical Confederate States of America.

The original group was founded on July 6, 2012. By Zac Stuart. It was this group that started the Role Playing careers of some of the most noted Confederate Rpers. The group went dark in early October of 2013. It has since become a memorial to the "Golden Age" of Role-play. The group however, never had more then 170 members.

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Another group was founded on October 2, 2012 by Matthew Greenwood when the other group went dark it was because many of the more active members had moved to this group. This group had 195 members. It went dark on April 17, 2013 due to the founded spelling "America" wrong in the group title.

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The final group was founded on April 18, 2013. It basically just picked up where the former group left off, the first announcement concerning the founding of the Porter Trade Company. The group went dark on January 27, 2015, when the last six active Roleplayers officially resigned their positions. It was reactivated by Caleb Nolen in March 2015.

Wars fought in RP by the C.S.A. Edit

Conflicts Lost:
The Anglo-Confederate War
The Second War of Northern Aggression
The Spanish-Confederate War of Cuba

Conflicts Won: 
The Confederate War of Independence
The Third War of Northern Aggression
The Mexican-Confederate War
The Confederate-Ottoman War
The Idist Wars
The 2nd Caliphate War
The 3rd Caliphate War
The First Armistead Rebellion
The Second Armistead Rebellion
The Andersonian Rebellion

Notable Roleplayers in the CSA Edit

Jefferson Davis

[1]Robert E. Lee

Nathan B. Forrest (Later "Stonewall" Jackson)

Caleb Nolen (Also Role played in the group as "James Wright" and "Spencer G. Bennett)

Lewis Armistead

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson

Patrick R. Cleburne


George Custer

Henry Heth

George B. Gordon

Erwin Rommel

Francis Underwood (Also Role Played as John Wright)

John Bell Hood