Fierce Fighting during the American War (June 19-23, 1898[Painting of Montreal Counter-Attack, June 22nd]-02-0000)only was the beginning of the era of total war.

Sparked during the 148th Gettyburg Reenactment in Real Life.

Mirrored to the horror of the American War&nbsp

The Era of War began when Alpha gave ownership of Prussia to Marc Anthony, leader of SPQR. Many began to call Marcus out as a dictator and his lust for power. A great war broke out, claiming less lives though compared to the 300,000 loss during the American War. CoN quickly fell with popularity and AWN rose along with another minor council. The peace was short lived and when July turned to August another war broke out and the losses combined from the other war still however did not match that of the bloody American War.

War has left RP struggling for surivial. Will greed in fact keep RP together with an iron fist. Or will the might of so weak and many supress the few and so powerful. Perhaps the few are right, or perhaps the many are right. Or maybe the wound is fatal. Time in that case will not heal this wound.