Stalin soviet flag

Symbol of the USSRoS


The map of the USSRoS after the merger with Siam

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Stalin☭
is one of the smaller groups in CoN, but it is rather powerful, though it has yet to go to actual war as of July 2011. The group is based on Stalinist Russia, only it is a dictatorship/monarchy, and is Authoritarian, and not communist. The USSRoS is the largest Stalin group in Steam, and the only one in Steam RP.


The current leader and founder of the USSRoS, in his new look

800px-Flag of the Soviet Union svg

Flag of the USSRoS


The USSRoS was origionally created by ☭[USSR] King Joseph V Stalin as a Stalin fanclub and an RP nation, its early beginings are not very important except that one infamous person in RP, who is known universally as Alyx, a rather insane fury, joined the group early on. During the time her and the group's founder were friends he exploited her for a few of her groups to make them part of his group's empire and was successful.

Later on in RP history, during the Outbreak of the Prusso-Grand power war the USSRoS supported Prussia and was declared War on by OGN, this is when the group became part of CoN. During the war the group did virtually nothing as the army was undeveloped.

Going to a few months later, the group merged with the group the Siamese Empire, and shared land, economic income, and any thing else non-government or millitary related, they also developed the Military, and they got the Undefeatable [AA] Alpha, former leader of Prussia, as the head of the army making the group Invincible.

That pretty much sums up the group history up to the current times.