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Wilhelm I of Hungary, Westphalen and Czechslovakia

Wilhelm I (German: Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor von Westphalen; English: Frederick William Victor of Westphalen) (18 September 1859 – 6 June 1948) was the second King of Westphalen and third King of Hungary, ruling the Kingdom of Westphalen from 7 July 1878 to 6 June 1948 and the Kingdom of Hungary from 15 June 1898 to 6 June 1948. He was a grandson of the German Emperor Wilhelm I, and related to many kings and princes around Europe. Crowned in 1878 and 1898 he ruled Westphalen and Hungary for many years and brought them great prosperity and power. Emperors and Kings all around Europe and the world gave him the title of ‘the Great’ because of his great prestige and power. He was beloved by almost all of his citizens and his death in 1948 shocked the international community.

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